What is the Creighton Model?

Every woman has the right to know how her menstrual cycles work, know her fertility and to understand how her body works. Unfortunately, most women are unaware of it.

CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare System (CrMS)


The CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare System (CrMS) is based on the knowledge and understanding of the phases that occur in the natural cycle of woman, distinguishing fertility and infertility days. The CrMS is based on the standardized observation, and by means of charts, of the biological markers that are essential for the gynecological and reproductive health of women. Now, women can know their cycles and manage this knowledge to maintain and improve their health. Additionally, couples can use this knowledge to plan their family and build their future together.

In the Creighton Model, fertility is perceived as part of health, not as disease. This system is truly a family planning method because it can be used in two ways: to achieve a pregnancy or to postpone it. These principles make this system something obviously different from contraception and other natural or artificial methods.


CrMS Advantages


The advantages of the CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare System (CrMS) are numerous, including the following:

  • CrMS is
  • CrMS is safe. There are no known health side effects associated with using the method.
  • CrMS is comparatively inexpensive with other methods.
  • CrMS is 96.8-99.5% effective in postponing pregnancy.
  • CrMS is 76-98% effective in achieving pregnancy in couples of normal fertility.
  • CrMS allows women to monitor and maintain their gynecological and reproductive health.
  • CrMS is a method shared by spouses to regulate fertility. The responsibility is shared equally between both spouses.

•  In order that the CrMS be successful, it is necessary to make precise observations and record them correctly.

• In the CrMS standardised instructions are followed that depend on the mutual decision of the couple, either to achieve or to postpone the pregnancy.

• In CrMS you need mutual motivation to use it and maintain throughout the process to promote a unitive and cooperative spirit in the couple.

• In CrMS, unlike contraceptives, fertility is treated as a sign of health and something beneficial. Fertility is not seen as a disease.

•  At CrMS it is a challenge to live in harmony with your fertility as one of the most relevant aspect of your health.

•  At CrMS love and respect grow as fertility understanding and appreciation increases.

• CrMS is firmly based on respect for life and human dignity, as well as the integrity of marriage.

• At CrMS, user couples and their families truly benefit from this experience.

    Is CrMS for me?

    Ask yourself.

    If you are thinking if the CrMS FertilityCare System (CrMS) is for you, below are some questions that can help you:

    • Do you want to know more about how your fertility is and how your menstrual cycles work?
    • Are you tired of taking the contraceptive pill or using condoms?
    • Are you looking for a totally natural way to manage your fertility?
    • Are you tired of taking the contraceptive pill, prescribed by gynaecologists to treat almost all female health problems?
    • Are you interested in a family planning system that allows you to monitor and maintain or improve your gynaecological health?· 
    • Are you looking for a family planning system that has no side effects and can offer you a high level of satisfaction within the couple?
    • Are you looking for a solution to your reproductive problem? Infertility? Miscarriages or premature or stillborn children?
    • Are you looking for a solution to your Premenstrual Syndrome? Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? Unusual bleeding? Painful periods?
    • Would you like to use a family planning system that would strengthen your marriage where men and women collaborate and go in the same direction?
    • Are you looking for a family planning system that is morally accepted by you and your husband?

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