What is Naprotechnology?

Within many fertility methods, this approach is a much more natural way in comparison with others to bring happiness to the homes of many families.


It is a science of feminine health that collaborates closely with the menstrual cycle and fertility, the result of almost 40 years of research.


It is based on the biomarkers of the Creighton Model that easily and objectively monitor the different hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle. The Creighton Model provides valuable information, easily interpretable by women, and which later is used by the doctors specialised in Naprotechnology.

Feminine health science

It is the first feminine science of health that combines family planning with reproductive health to monitor and maintain gynecological health, all naturally, unlike the widespread artificial methods of conception or contraception.


It is a medical approach that takes care of fertility, more than an approach that controls fertility, offering medical and surgical treatments.

Collaboration with the menstrual cycle

Identify problems and collaborate with a  menstrual cycle and fertility, correct irregularities in the menstrual cycle, maintain human ecology and sustain its procreative potential.

Diversity of applications

It has many applications including family planning, evaluation and treatment of infertility or other reproductive disorders such as abnormal bleeding, hormonal loss of the menstrual cycle -including premenstrual syndrome (PMS), recurrent ovarian cysts, determination of the conception day and postpartum depression.

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